THE END, The Start Of A New Beginning

          After five years of studying, or in other words, living in SMK Agama Kuala Lumpur (SMKAKL), I've finally arrived to a time where it all becomes a memory. The time where I will start be having the nickname, X. An X-student.
          It was just like yesterday when I actually prayed like hell to step my foot on the soil of this desired school. I had to compete against more than 500 students statewide, mostly having astounding excellence in their UPSR examinations. How did I actually end up here? Getting good grades & going to a religious school!
          The start was in primary school. Not the national school, but the religious school, or I call it the evening school. Truthfully, I was a very, very lazy boy, besides being very dishonest. I was talented though, as I actually got number 1 in my mid-year exam during standard 1 without even opening a book. But then in the evening school, I cheated in the year-end examination by copying my bestfriend's answers. Got number 3 in class out of that. After that, my results went from bad to worse until the day I moved into a new religious school...Balai Islam. Started here in standard 3.
          Somehow, I behaved supremely well, maybe because I was the new kid. The first day here, I was elected as monitor by the majority in class. Talk about being the new kid! Some actually new me, but mostly didn't. Then, I always kept my focus in class, giving full attention and cooperation. Miraculously, I got number 1 in my 2nd monthly test. My first one! And spontaneously, I thought..."If I don't maintain this, people would think it was sheer luck!" And so I started to be hardworking which affected my studies wholly resulting in a straight 5 A's in the UPSR.
          Besides that, I started becoming more interested in religious studies and practice in standard 4. This brought me to dreaming of going to a religious secondary school. Until then, I haven't known SMKAKL. Not until standard 6 I heard of it, and I set my target into going to this school. I even declined my mother's suggestion to apply for other boarding schools like MRSM.
          Now, I'm here, writing on my last exam paper for SPM. After this, I'll have to journey on, carrying what I already have and striving for more. This is the end, where it is the start of a new beginning!

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16 Dec 2009,
12:07 pm.      
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