Physics & Additional Mathematics

This post is dedicated to all present and future 4th & 5th formers in secondary school.

Learning Physics and Additional Mathematics has always been a burden for most 4th & 5th formers in secondary school (based on experience by my friends and myself) but nevertheless, it is actually very, VERY important that these subjects be given extreme attention. Well, if you want to become a lawyer or in other words, not planning on taking science courses (e.g. engineering & medic) in the near future, it's ok I guess. But be sure to score an A in these subjects if you're already a science stream student (3S!haha). Why? That's a different matter. Now, about Physics and Add Maths..

           I put this in words directly from personal experience. What you learn in school with the Ministry of Education Malaysia's syllabus of Physics and Add Maths will mostly be used again in university. Physics will be continued in Foundation Physics (or any other name) and Add Maths will be used again in Calculus (or any other name). These university subjects that are usually taught starting in the foundation year or the first year of your study in college or university is harder than you think. Believe me! If you are used to sleeping away during your Physics & Add Maths class in secondary school (which I practically did..sometimes) then these subjects will fall hard on you.

           Basically, what I'm trying to say here is that you should focus and master these two subjects as best as you can because it will prove very useful to you in college and university. Things like Basic Measurements, Velocity, Motion & Graphs are really studied again but of course in a bit more detail. Even Functions, Algebra, Trigonometry & Solutions of Triangles in Add Maths are revised again. So, imagine if you can master these subjects fully, think of the possibilities! It would be a lot more easier for you to study then. As the saying goes, proper preparation prevents poor performance ( have a better saying?).

          In a nutshell, don't take Physics and Additional Mathematics lightly. I know these are not easy subjects (I've posted a topic on how to master a difficult subject) and many have failed until the end...but with great EFFORT and STRATEGY, I'm positive that you can do it. Success is always achieved by ordinary people with extraordinary effort. Good luck in your SPM and in the future! =]

The Road To USA Universities

"When you choose to study overseas, you have chosen the hard way..for now."

It's been two weeks since I entered Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN), a private university owned by a Government Linked Company, Tenaga Nasional Berhad. I've been sent to study here by the Public Service Department of Malaysia for a Preparatory Program for Overseas Universities. As far as I've been briefed in the previous days, the road to getting enrolled into an overseas university, mainly American Top Universities or famously known as the Ivy League Universities and Ivy League Standard Universities, is not a walk in the park.

Here's a video of my university..

           Now, here's a brief detail of the program I'm in:
          This programme is somehow flexible for most participants because it can actually be converted if in an unfortunate event (including getting less than enough grades) we do not get admission into the mentioned top universties. The programme will turn into an American Credit Transfer Programme (ACTP) whereby I get another chance to get admitted to a university in USA (other than the Ivy Leagues) by tranfering credits from the first year of degree here in UNITEN. But that's not the primary goal here.

          Let's return to the Ivy League requirements. After some reasearch and mostly advice and briefing in UNITEN, the most important requirement is the exam results. Yes, typical.haha. For SAT scores, the average score is 2100/2400. You can read about SAT in the link provided above for more details. I'm not that sure of TOEFL, but for the CGPA, it's best if we can get a 4 flat (in other words, straight A's) or the least is 3.8 (that's what my senior said). After that, we have to submit our resumes which should contain past achievements and participation. Then, we also have to write an entrance essay consisting of normally 800+ words. Other than that, we need to find at least 5 people to write recommendation letters for us to the universities, showing them what's so special about us. There might also be interviews. So, in short, there's a lot to do!

          Here in UNITEN, I'm obliged to take subjects in Foundation in Engineering. "But why? I'm taking computer science!", that's what I thought earlier. Then, the dean told us that most of the top universities put computer science under the Faculty of Engineering which means there's an advantage for us if we study Foundation in Engineering. I guess there's a ratinonale in that. (Update) Thenafter, in trimester two, us computer science students have been changed to Foundation in Computer Science. Hooray!

          Right now, most of us PPOU students have to go to class at about 8-10 am and finish at 4-6 pm during weekdays. It's definitely different from other students which might have a weekday off. Besides that, we have to participate as much as we can in co-curricular activities - to make our Resumes look better - in the midst of assignments and study. It will be quite a hectic year. So, an excellent strategy needs to be made and followed. Here are some of the advice I've gotten..
  1. Set your priorities right, try making a list.
  2. Review examples of SAT tests.
  3. Review Ivy League entrance essays.
  4. Make a daily schedule.
  5. Revise a lot.
  6. Think, speak and write in English.
  7. Motivate yourself for example watching motivational videos in YouTube or simply by reading motivational quotes.
  8. Practice self-study and group-study, you have to get help and help others and also study on your own at certain times.
  9. Religious practice is very useful as it can bring peace of mind which is VERY important in this stressful journey.
  10. Research and review on the chosen universities.
          In a nutshell, the quest to enter a top ranked university is very hard and requires a person to work hard and smart. In times of pressure, one must be able to stay calm and keep moving forward. Most important of all, last minute work will never help. This is not like PMR..this is not SPM.. This is a hard path..this a new journey..this is the road to USA universities.