What Motivates You?

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Motivation is like a fire inside you. When it's burning brightly, you can be very enthusiastic at almost everything. However, at times, the flame can be very small until you feel like giving up to almost anything. So, it's essential to actually know what keeps that fiery spirit, motivation, big and bright. This is very important, not only in studying but also for life. For me, there are quite a lot of things that can light up my motivation. For that, I'm going to list down some of them which I relate mostly to studying. Have a look. Yours might be the same too; keep in mind that motivational factors tend to change and sometimes add up.

1. Religion
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     The first thing that motivates me is religion. Why? Firstly, in my religion, I learn that it is an obligation to study (when speaking of study). It adds meaning and objective whereby I know that I'm doing this for something and that I'm getting something for doing this. Religion also provides a sense of peace because if I fail, for example, I know that there's a place for me to hang on to. According to Dale Carnegie in his book "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living", holding to a religion is very good for a person to avoid worry and stress. That's why we don't find pious people committing suicide that easily. Besides that, in religion itself, there are always things that motivate me to keep on living and doing what's best. For instance, I always hold on to the verse "Surely, with each difficulty there is ease". So, religion gives me motivation and reason in a lot of things.

2. Family
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     In my opinion, family is the next closest thing after religion. They're the first ones I see in the early years of my life and the ones I have spent a lot of time with. Family has a great effect in motivating myself and a lot of other people too I believe. My parents for example, motivate me a lot by giving their support (monetarily and mentally). I even feel that it is just right to study and achieve the best I can for my parents as they actually pay me (indirectly) to do so. Well, let's just say, it's some of things I can do to repay them. In the past few weeks, I've heard of how a student actually cried to his teacher telling him that his father had never even hugged him (since he can remember, I suppose). I can feel how demotivated he is (and I think you do too) just because of that. Conclusively, my family motivates me a lot and I just love them.

3. Friends
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     Friends add up to the list of motivators very nicely. I spend a lot of time with friends and I'm also currently living with friends in an apartment. I meet friends every time I go to class and lots of time outdoors. So, being together frequently makes them a huge factor in my motivation. At times of grief, I often consult friends for a solution or sometimes plainly for sharing. Even a pat on the back from a friend can boost up my motivation (well, I am actually quite easily motivated). Finding the right friends for motivation is also somewhat important because some friends motivate the other way around. People have always been motivated by friends in cases of drugs and alcohol. Apart from that, friends are a great source of motivation to me.

4. Movies
     This doesn't really come in an order anymore as to the religion-family-friends. Movies somehow have a great influence on my motivation. Some of the movies include The Karate Kid, Toy's Story 3, G.I Joe, Kung Fu Panda, The Reading Room, The Pursuit of Happiness, and The Great Debaters (these are just my own personal choices; there are lots more!). Why? Well, one thing is that they always include nice quotes. Other than that, I always feel this sense of enthusiasm every time after watching a nice movie (but not all movies). The storyline also affects my motivation. In short, yeah, movies can motivate me.

     Nice quotes always motivate me. It gives realization and acts as a nice reminder of numerous things. Specifically, motivational quotes are always useful and I even get one almost daily (there were times when the emails don't arrive) by subscribing to It's free (I like!) and safe of course. You just have to give your email. That's all.

6. Music
     I have to confess here that I don't really have a very good taste in most music. Meaning to say that there are lots of music that I don't know, and music I listen to that many others don't. I listen to music basically because it's nice (to me) or it reminds me of something I like. So, whenever I listen to these kind of music, especially the ones that excites me, I feel motivated. It also helps a lot when I'm sleepy and have work to do. Some music also have motivational lyrics which adds up to the motivational factor.

So those are some of the things that motivate me. Actually, there's more (which include Teachers). I just can't help but to stop here for now. Maybe I'll continue again (but that's not a promise). In a nutshell, motivation can come from many aspects of life and from many directions. It depends entirely on yourself. Eleanor Roosevelt said that "No one can make you inferior (lower than someone else) without your consent (permission)." And that's just the same with motivation. It comes naturally sometimes but there are many times when it can be controlled and achieved, and you must permit it. Finding and having the right motivation can be just the thing to spice up your day and keep you going. Have a blast!


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