Physics & Additional Mathematics

This post is dedicated to all present and future 4th & 5th formers in secondary school.

Learning Physics and Additional Mathematics has always been a burden for most 4th & 5th formers in secondary school (based on experience by my friends and myself) but nevertheless, it is actually very, VERY important that these subjects be given extreme attention. Well, if you want to become a lawyer or in other words, not planning on taking science courses (e.g. engineering & medic) in the near future, it's ok I guess. But be sure to score an A in these subjects if you're already a science stream student (3S!haha). Why? That's a different matter. Now, about Physics and Add Maths..

           I put this in words directly from personal experience. What you learn in school with the Ministry of Education Malaysia's syllabus of Physics and Add Maths will mostly be used again in university. Physics will be continued in Foundation Physics (or any other name) and Add Maths will be used again in Calculus (or any other name). These university subjects that are usually taught starting in the foundation year or the first year of your study in college or university is harder than you think. Believe me! If you are used to sleeping away during your Physics & Add Maths class in secondary school (which I practically did..sometimes) then these subjects will fall hard on you.

           Basically, what I'm trying to say here is that you should focus and master these two subjects as best as you can because it will prove very useful to you in college and university. Things like Basic Measurements, Velocity, Motion & Graphs are really studied again but of course in a bit more detail. Even Functions, Algebra, Trigonometry & Solutions of Triangles in Add Maths are revised again. So, imagine if you can master these subjects fully, think of the possibilities! It would be a lot more easier for you to study then. As the saying goes, proper preparation prevents poor performance ( have a better saying?).

          In a nutshell, don't take Physics and Additional Mathematics lightly. I know these are not easy subjects (I've posted a topic on how to master a difficult subject) and many have failed until the end...but with great EFFORT and STRATEGY, I'm positive that you can do it. Success is always achieved by ordinary people with extraordinary effort. Good luck in your SPM and in the future! =]

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