Thank You Friends!

In this long journey of study, I have had numerous encounters with obstacles which also includes the almost-failing of subjects and the heart pounding moments of mental pressure. These are normal stuff that most people face (and to say that I'm normal too.hehe). Honestly enough, I did not face these things on my own plus the fact that I never really like walking alone (although I do that lots of times). The top of the list of great people I meet that helped me all the way is of course my parents, family members and teachers. No doubt about that. However, this time I'm going to talk about the next closest thing to FRIENDS!

     Before that, I'd like to point out that friends to me are not just the ones born on 1992. They also include seniors and juniors as well. OK, back to the topic, I have lots of friends and I make more of them lots of times. They say you should make as many friends as you can right? Yes, of course. Friends are mostly always helpful and encouraging. I can still remember a friend of mine that helped me out a lot in additional mathematics. He was so committed to help me that he even slept at my house for three nights to help me study. There was also once when he was watching a movie at school and I was pondering my way through an add maths question paper. At that time, I couldn't answer some questions and I asked him for help. Without hesitation, he eagerly helped me, which indirectly tells me that I am more important to him than a movie. A true friend he is. The weird part here is that I actually got higher marks than he did but then he beat me in modern maths which I was good at.  An exchange I guess.

     Another group of friends I am very grateful of are the ones who kept waking me up every morning (I lived in a hostel for 5 years and now stay in an apartment). Yes, I have a nag for waking up a bit late. That's where these friends of mine are very helpful. They wake me up everyday despite the effort they have to put in to do that. Or else, I might always be late to class or even get a long rattan kissing my bottom in the mornings. Thankfully, I have friends by my side.

      I also owe a lot to my study group members that helped a lot in the commitment and support they gave, especially the 2 great guys in form 3. They were persistent enough even though at first it didn't give the desired results. Eventually, my 2 friends here and I got straight A's in the PMR (lower secondary assessment). Here's also a hint that study group does work effectively in small groups and also with great effort and commitment. 

      Friends encourage me a lot. When I'm under the weather, they'd always be ready to lend a hand or give an advice. Messages like "I believe in you" and "I know you can do it" are always heartwarming. They help recharge my confidence to continue on with persistence and passion, knowing that my friends are always by my side. No matter how far they are to the naked eye, they are still always close to my heart. Thanks friends! I owe you guys a lot.

     In conclusion,  friends are a great source of heartfelt encouragement and super strong support. They can help us a lot in our daily lives (especially if you live with them) and we should also, in turn, help them and other friends as well. As the saying goes, one good deed deserves another.


  1. i feel sad reading this post T_T

  2. And Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said 'The best of people are those who are most useful to others'
    P/S: Especially the ones who woke you up, dear. I can tell u, it really need perseverance (";). Glad that you have great friends!