Fruit Ninja *SLICE* *SPLAT*

Hi! It's been a long time after my last update. Sorry for that. Had a lot of ideas, but.. No excuses here. I just didn't update (*confession). Anyway, this time I have an experience to share.

One day, I was playing a game on my friend's iPad. It's called, Fruit Ninja, my favorite iPhone/iPad/iPod game.
My high score in Fruit Ninja :P
The game is mainly about slicing thrown fruit with your finger(s). You can have a multiplayer duel if you're playing on the iPad. You can also do the same with an iPhone/iPod but you'll need two of them.

While I was playing, Tiffa (not real name), wanted a duel. I was used to having matches on the iPad. The kind owner (Nadia) doesn't mind me or others playing around with her iPad. Tiffa wanted a match of Fruit Ninja. It's a favorite game of mine so it's not that easy to beat me. In multiplayer, Fruit Ninja has two modes. The first one is the classic avoid-slicing-the-bomb-and-missing-three-fruits. The second one is the time mode where within a given time, you'll have to slice as many fruits and get combo's to get the higher score. Tiffa chose the second. She had her first go and lost to me by a lot of marks. Then, I said, "How about I give you a 20 seconds head start?" She replied,
"No, no! I don't want special treatment!"
I was impressed. Usually, when I propose a 10-20 seconds head start to others, they'll take it. But this was the first time someone declined.

In life, when people offer an 'easy way out', others tend to take it immediately. They always want a shortcut or a handicap. If it's a calculation for maths, it's okay to use a shortcut (you save time in the exam). It's different though in the real world. Most of the time, you still have to do it the hard/normal way and no shortcuts are given even when you hope for one. Furthermore, when you are used to having things on the easy level, you don't really get to see your true ability. It's just like playing games. You can't say you're really good at a game if you've been winning the easy level all the time. Perseverance and being honest to yourself; maybe these are the important attributes.

So, I still won the Fruit Ninja matches against Tiffa. But she showed me something I could hold on to.


  1. waa.
    azri could see anything in this world at the bright side.
    even in a game. so, i think i should start playing game(s) to be positive like you XD

  2. haha..go ahead and play games! But don't forget everything else. Remember your priorities. X)

  3. My favorite too.. slicing around..hehe