Failure & Success

Thomas Edison failed about 1000 times just to create a light bulb, which has caused a revolution to how we spend our nights. He failed in order to achieve success. So how is that any different with any other things?

          We feel sad if we fail. That's natural. But should that be a reason for us to cry every night and feel downhearted? or should it be a lesson learnt and a starting point to success.

          Take failure as a ball. The harder it falls, the higher it jumps. If we falled badly, then we shuold be able to stand back up and jump higher.

          Life is also always spinning. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we fail. Nothing abnormal with that. So, buck up and get on moving if failure knocks at the door. Say hi and invite success over. And if success is achieved, don't overexcited and do our best to achieve more and help others. Good luck!

inspired by "Success Principles for Teenagers"


  1. This is good :)

    p/s : congratulations for the best result. pray for my success pulak ;)

  2. Ur welcome!

    p/s: Thanks! InsyaAllah. Do your best!