Hmm..I bet you're wondering what the title here means.. Well, it's a very simple but powerful concept that can be used in most of the things in life (but not necessarily everything..).

Some people nowadays find it hard to ask for something, to give a presentation, to attend tryouts, to take tests, to propose an idea, to...the list goes on! Mostly because these people are afraid of the critics, rejection, embarassment, etc. But, by doing this, they lose the opportunity to express themselves, to go to a higher level and achieve more! Just because they have the need to please everybody, they stop dead on their tracks.
So, here's the concept we need to remember to avoid the 'satisfying everyone' road.

"Some Will - Some Won't - So What?! - Someone's Waiting!"

In every opportunity, even though there will be some people critcising and disliking, there are people out there waiting for you to show yourself and appreciate your work. Face it, it's quite impossible to please everybody. Some will like you, some won't, so what?..someone's waiting for you! Good luck & do your best!

inspired by "Success Principles for Teenagers"

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