Life is not just about exams..

Salam!..quite long since I posted here.. :)

Ok..where to start.. Before this, I had an interview with PSD (JPA). I had to discuss about "the National Education System". And I talked about the exam-orientedness of the system. It was agreed in the newspapers and most students say so too. But somehow, I believe that actually it's all part of our mindsets. Now, what am I talking about?? Let me explain.

What is the first thing that is asked form a student nowadays? To get good grades, straight A's.. What is the first reason used by a student to not participate in an activity? Exams and tests..namely UPSR, PMR and SPM. Or maybe because their parents did not give them permission..why? Exams.. So, we get the idea. The main focus of most students, parents and teachers are exams!

But the education system is not to be blamed. Now, students are forced to participate in co-curricular activities and workshops. All of these are important somehow to build soft skills like communication and thinking skills. Then again, some students still give that petty reason "I have PMR this year" or something similar to that. One of the reasons this happens is because these students are not studying the right way.

For example, after UPSR, most students take a slow progress and play a lot in form 1. They play a lot, study little and get not-very-good grades. Then, they get used to it and do the same thing in form 2. After that, they panic in form 3, and use PMR as a reason to avoid chores, friends and duties. It happens because of last-minute study. Because of neglect and not practicing the good way of studying.

Another case that happens is that some actually focus all their might to get good grades and they do! But, they get left out from the real world, from friends, fun and skills. When they arrive in the real world, they don't know what to do. They have insufficient skills and lack confidence. After being used to all the 'mock test papers' in the exams, they don't get used to real life which doesn't supply 'mock life papers'. Then, they just don't become the best they should.

Besides that, there are also parents and teachers that stress too much on exams. This makes students feel the same way and they neglect the concept of studying for life and acquiring soft skills. They go to school, sit in class and learn just for the sake of pouring everything back on exam papers. Whereas if you fail, you'll like fail everything. And that is not true! Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar did not take his SPM (because his family couldn't afford) but now he is the richest muslim in Malaysia. A billionaire!

I am not saying that exams are not important or anything like that. It is important, as an intellectual measurement of ourselves. But there are also other important aspects of our life that we must consider. Spiritual, emotional and physical aspects. This discussion can go much much longer, but I'd just like to say, Life is Not Just About Exams. =]


  1. Agreed. It is everything else and the exams: ) I'll pray for you. All the bests!

  2. very good argument. most parents are forcing their kids to be a "robot".in this context means to become good in papers :) nice piece of mind..salam perkenalan - wan - :)

  3. Thank you!
    Ukhwah fillah~ =]