Poll: Malaysians hate reading?

 I made a poll before this and the results are.. 66% somehow disagree and 33% somehow agree, that Malayisans hate reading. What about the other 1%? Ask the calculator.. =P

Ok. Now I'd like to say that I too disagree in this matter. Malaysians in fact (mostly) like reading! There are two points of views we can look at.

Firstly, what is it that Malaysians like to read? That can be a question which is more specific. The word 'reading' is very wide by itself. Reading books. Reading newspapers. Reading magazines. Reading blogs (you're doing it too). Reading hand-outs. A lot! So, if we ask the question, "Do Malysians hate reading?", the answer's no.

Next, if we're talking about reading books. It still doesn't change my stand. My proof? The latest Malaysian International Book Fair 2010. For those who went there, especially during weekends, it was super packed!!! I went there two times. First during a weekday and then during a weekend. During the weekdays, I saw school pupils and students filling in and plus those not working (I wonder if some actually took the day off just to come here). It wasn't so dense. But during the weekend...WOW! Even Karangkraf's hall was so full that some men had to stop others from entering. So, there you have it. If Malaysians hated reading so much, the book fair would have been a failure. Another plus, free newspapers (like the Malay Mail) get finished so fast..who would take the newspapers? Of course readers!

So, as a saying goes, reading is the key to knowledge and knowledge is the key to success (Malay translation..hehe). Malaysians love reading! =]


  1. ahhahak..~~ bez2..
    wink2.. :XD

  2. but sadly, many of us do not applied the knowledge practically in their life(including myself..) all we can do is talk about the theory :)

  3. bagus,
    memang orang malaysia (take note: bukan melayu) suka membaca. tapi ketara kalau dibandingkan dengan negara jepun.

    orang malaysia terutama melayu suka baca buku yang ada misteri, hiburan dan gosip. betul?

    ye,orang malaysia suka membaca.tapi kurang untuk bahan ilmiah.

  4. wan: not exactly everyone is like that, we shouldn't judge the whole nation by looking at certain people only

    aisya: huhu..ada benar anda di situ~