SPM is Over...What Now?

For most of the Form 5 Malaysian students of 2010, SPM (Malaysian Education Certificate) is OVER! I still remember that feeling. It's like a long-fought war that finally's just that the results of the war will be out a bit later..anyway~

After SPM, there will be about 4-6 months of holiday for the average student, excluding those going for fast-track courses and going to private colleges. So, there is so much time to spend! Now, here, I'll be giving some suggestions on what to do during the holidays, who knows if you'd like to try one of 'em.

Wait..why should you consider your activities during this holiday again?'s like this. One day, you might have an interview, a JPA or MARA interview or UiTM interview for instance. They might ask you, what did you do during the holidays? Or, you can always use any experience you gain during the holidays for application purposes in the future. Nonetheless, you should always be sincere in doing things and not just because of applications, interviews and stuff only. Now, here's the list.

1. Get a job

This is quite a typical option. Many students will want to work to get more spending money. Though that can also be a good thing as you learn to be independent, it's much better if you find a job for the experience. Say you'd like to be a doctor, you can try get a job in a hospital or clinic, even a receptionist will do. That way, you'll get the valuable insight experience and that might even influence your final decision of your future career. Besides that, you can also do something that's part of your expertise like tutoring or teaching. If you're super good in Mathematics, why not make a private or group tuition for the primary and secondary students? Some of them can really use your help. You can also just ask your school teacher, primary or secondary school, if they need any extra tutors or support teachers. Not only you get some experience and allowance there, you also help the students and teachers as well. If you're so free and able, why not give it a try?

2. Volunteer

This is actually quite similar to getting a job but you usually don't get any salary. There are tons of activities out there that require volunteers. If you want to meet new people, help others, and gain valuable experience, this is the thing for you. Just be careful that you don't go finding the wrong group or activity. Check out the validity of any activity and tell your parents just to be safe. Safety is very crucial here because you wouldn't want to go to college or university in pieces do you? As they always say in the adverts, "Remember your loved ones!" A good and easy place to volunteer is in uniformed bodies like the Scouts or the Red Crescent and the like. You can also opt for the religious bodies, they're always nice and willing to accept volunteers.

3. Attend a seminar, workshop or short course.

Even though your school days are over (hopefully), it doesn't mean you should stop learning. You can go to talks regarding career or your field of interest e.g information technology or business.  If you think you want a more formal and prolonged education, you can take the short courses (which are some quite expensive) that may include language courses, computer courses, cooking maybe? Because it might be pricey and a bit time-consuming, be sure to check for the quality and the validity of the courses. You can check the newspapers like The Star and New Straits Times for seminars and workshops. For short courses, universities and colleges usually offer them so check them out too.

4. Hang out with friends

Yeah, I know..I don't even have to say this one. I just want to point out that it's great to cherish the friendship you have with your schoolmates. Maybe after this, you might not have enough time to go out with most of them anymore. So, go and spend some time with them. WARNING: Money loss due to overspending may occur.haha.

5. Spend quality time with family

You might have been busy studying before and now is the time to cover up for those lost times together. Ask your parents for a vacation or simply just go out for dinner, shopping or fairs. There's a possibility that after you enter university, you might not have as much time anymore for family especially if you're planning to study abroad. In addition, your parents might be able to offer great advice and insights about careers and the working world and even their university life (though it might differ greatly from now).

6. Fill in the UPU form and find scholarships

UPU, Malaysia's unit for public unversities' enrolment is already open and waiting for you to fill it out. Make sure you start early because there are some details which are hard to find and might require your teachers' help. Don't wait until the very last minute. For scholarships, MARA and JPA scholarships, and most others are usually open after the results' announcement. But there are some wide open right now, some not so famous but just as prestigious, from companies and private universities. Find them and check them out. You can google them or simply ask teachers, friends and relatives.

7. Relax and enjoy the moment

I've got to tell you that after this when you start studying again, you might not encounter a holiday like this. So, you might make a decision to spend more time home or somewhere else, enjoying the moment of holidays, play games, chat with friends, read novels and many more. It's like a time to calm down and have fun. Don't worry about the results, just pray for the best. Though I must warn you that during the long holiday, a great deal of knowledge you have will disappear. This can be a great loss because those can be of great use in the future. Besides that, too much sleep will also make you weaker and lethargic. On the other hand, the long holiday might be just the thing to re-energize you for university.

All in all,
Planning is good but plans are bad (a quote from my dad). I still actually wonder what that really means.. Howsoever, choose wisely what and how you want to spend your holidays. The above are just suggestions. You can make your own too. Creativity knows no boundaries. Just make sure you don't waste this great time of opportunity. Before you know it, your holiday will be over already. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! ^^


  1. hehe..I knew someone would mention that.
    Enjoy your time there! Most have said it was fun. Anyway, you still have 5 - 3 = 2 more months to live with. ;P
    Live life to the max!

  2. dont 'remember your loved ones' while driving ;p

  3. Whenever I saw the waves/choppy water - latest being the Iran/Iraq ppl in smashed boat near Christmas Island (OZ), it always remind me of our boat ride @ ghostly Tioman after your SPM!Quality family time huh..

  4. wasn't that 'ghostly' to me..once in a lifetime experience! xD