Malaysian Students in Egypt are SAFE

Just a casual update. I've recently contacted a friend of mine who's studying medic in Egypt. Yes, about 7000 Malaysian students too have been contacted. Well, my friend, Fikri, who is currently in Alexandria, said that they were fine and they were in standby mode. Malaysian students have to obey a curfew to stay indoors from 1pm-8am, on a holiday even. He also said that the students are placed at Malaysian centers including MARA buildings. His building is even guarded by tanks, because it is near banks of course. The Malaysian government has taken measures in sending the students to Jeddah with Malaysian Airlines, AirAsia, and Royal Malaysian Air Force helping out. 3 RMAF Hercules planes have been sent too. So, in any case, rest assured that the students are safe.

 Just some pictures of tanks guarding streets in Egypt

Why am I posting this? Because I myself am concerned about them (I have friends there too) and some have been asking myself about this. So, why not? Just keep praying for them. Imagine if we face the same thing, we'll hope for the same too. =)

sources: MegatFikri and The Star Online

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  1. syukur alhamdulillah..there are safe..pray for them!