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Hi and welcome back to! Yeah, it's my first time saying that. They always say that in tutorials, and that's what I'm going to talk about in this post. Many people post numerous tutorials, be it in YouTube or other websites, and those tutorials get thousands of viewers. Ever wonder why some people are so generous enough to spend time teaching people all sorts of stuff in the net? Popularity? Pure generosity? Contribution maybe? Well, whichever it is, those tutorials are very useful! And it has something to do with self-learning.

In university, or even high-school maybe, they don't teach you EVERYTHING. They teach you something and that something is of course usually useful but they're usually not enough and some might even be just the basics. You might need something more or you might even need something else. Where can you get that? The website! (I personally propose you the YouTube) In YouTube for instance, there are all sorts of tutorials about so many neat things. Computer science? Physics? Math? You want to learn Adobe Photoshop? Learn programming? They are all in the net! There are tons in word form and if you need more animation, personal guidance or just an easier way, the videos can help. *psst..they even show neat tricks about using unpaid softwares* Ok, so this is what I'd like to call Self-learning because you learn in on your own without a real person teaching you and you study in your free time. So, you learn by yourself.

Self-learning is very important because you can't rely solely on classes and courses in university or high school to get all you need to be very successful student in whatever you do. You can definitely read more books and you can take more additional classes etc. But if you think you want to make use of that laptop or computer at your place, you can as well open up the links at the sidebar on your right there under "Study Aid" and use the ones you like.

All in all, hope you learn a lot more and have fun learning! Remember, "do what you like and like what you do", then you'll be happy.

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