US Application Workshop 2011

1 year has passed by since I started my preparatory program in Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN). I was going to study in the US. At the time when I just got into UNITEN, a senior of mine told me about a two-day workshop that was designed for students who were going to study in US. Well, I questioned, "Why should I go?". In time, it dawned on me that the application process into US Universities was not easy (and I'm telling you, it's not easy!). So, I decided to go to the workshop. It was very helpful indeed! I met the future US undergraduates and past ones too. I even bought some reference books for the SAT exams from a senior. And there were many more things I got from the workshop. It did help a lot and finally this year, I'm ready to study in the US! (no..this is not some kind of lame "follow-me-to-be-rich" advert..I really am going)

If you are a student going or planning to study in the United States, feel free to join the program:

2011 Workshops

Visit their website for more info:

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