StudyPlan: Plan B

Plan A was a very good one. In fact, if you actually did all of that, things would be ok..that is, IF you did. I know, it's not that easy to stick to a (near) perfect plan. So, here's the B.


Situation: You tried hanging on to Plan A but for some reason (including procrastinating, suddenly too busy, etc) it's not working as expected. Or maybe you didn't even have an initial plan. Assignments/Homework starting to pile up. Thus, a new plan is needed!

Time: Usually it's already a few weeks since a new semester started.

So here's the plan, it's kind of like a twist of the previous Plan A but situationally, can give the results.

Still the same thing: Focus! If there's anything you don't understand from previous lessons, now's the time to step up and ask. If you're not into asking teachers/lecturers, ask your friends. Surely you must have at least one person in class who is better than you at that subject you're not very good at.

Usually, at the start of a semester, most students (or at least I do) are keen at jotting down notes. But as time flies..some just stop doing it. So, if you realize this is true for you too, then you should get back to where you left and start making 'em. If your teacher/lecturer is the type that writes important stuff at the black/white/green board, then you should just follow his/hers wherever the syllabus is right now. For the past ones you missed, ask a friend of yours who has good writing for his/her notes.

You know what..unless you have a quiz or test tomorrow, finish off those piling work first!

Are you serious? If you're still not finished with the assignments/homework, I don't think you have much time to think about this yet. :P
But if there's something you're very interested in and it's also very useful, you can dwell in it in a certain amount of time..but please do finish work too.

This one, you need to look at yourself in the mirror (not literally..but if you insist..) and ask yourself, are you being slowed down by your extra curricular activities? Are you taking up too many responsibilities? If the answer's yes, then it's time to make some changes to your timetable. Specify a limited amount of time for your activities and/or responsibilities. Then, make sure you have enough time to study. If you are offered more responsibilities, try to reject them (in a nice way of course). Only accept if you think it's really necessary and you really can handle them. :D

Make amends. Make sure things don't go worse..or you'll need a newer plan...

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