Lessons! (especially for future graduates) #2

When buying a car, don't just be concerned about the PRICE. Find out how much it costs to INSURE it. That can be the REAL KILLER in the long run.

Try NEW things. Taste NEW foods (make sure HALAL). Have NEW experiences.

Nothing is as real as a dream (not the one in your sleep.haha). And if you go for it, something really good is going to happen to you. You may grow old, but you never really get old.

CHANGE is the only GUARANTEE for the future.

LEARN TO COOK. You'd be amazed at how much you can save just by eating at home instead of going out.

HAVE A RAINY DAY FUND that you can survive on should you be out of work for six months.


You can be OLD at age 30 or YOUNG at age 70. IT'S ALL A STATE OF MIND.

Take time for yourself everyday to do something JUST FOR YOU.

Anything which sounds 'too good to be true' USUALLY IS.

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