There Is No Secret Ingredient

This afternoon, I was longing to watch an old cartoon movie while having lunch. After a thorough search of the collection of CDs, I found Kung Fu Panda. Yes, it is quite old already I guess. So, I skipped some chapters (it's a DVD) and watched. For those who never watched this, the story is about a panda named Po who is a fanatic of Kung Fu and the "Furious Five", the elit Kung Fu warriors: a tigress, a snake, a mantis, a monkey and No..a crane. Ok, so, Po then finds himself chosen as the Dragon Warrior despite the fact that he is obese and a complete novice at martial arts. Then, he was destined to face Tai Lung, the snow leopard that just escaped from a prison guarded by 1000 rhinos! ..Long story short, Po finally had the chance to read the Dragion Warrior's Scroll (supposed to give power to the reader), which contained..NOTHING! Nothing but a reflection. Everyone was shocked. After that, Po's father which is a duck..revealed to him the secret recipe to his secret delicious noodle..NOTHING! "There is no secret ingredient.", he said. And then, Po figured it out, there is no secret power! It's just yourself! (You should watch it yourself, if you haven't)
Here's a snippet:

It sure is hard to shorten a long story. Well, my point here is that, there is no secret ingredient to success actually. But it's ourselves that determine the possibility of our success in life (and the hereafter). It's you who determine whether you want to study or play, to learn how to study or just study away~ We are the masters of our actions and the ones who determine the future of ourselves! THERE IS NO SECRET INGREDIENT! That's why sometimes I wonder why people ask successful people ,"What is the secret to your success?". If it was a secret, why would he or she tell? So, it's our own effort that makes us successful. Not "secrets".

Imagine how cartoons like this can give a very good lesson (and entertainment). There are also other good lines in Kung Fu Panda like, "There are no accidents", "Your mind is like water" and "Believe in yourself". I can find great lessons in a number of cartoon movies. And I believe you can do it too. We can always learn great things from simple a cartoon~ Have a nice day!


  1. i love this movie.
    The main character is totally funny :))

  2. i watched this movie at smakl ..
    if not mistaken

  3. oh..I watched it at the movies! I think...