Simple Stuff To Help Us STUDY!

Take Notes 
This is the most simple yet ignored way of studying. Why? Students usually think they have really good memory. Yes, it's true that our human brain is very advanced and can store memories higher than a super computer. But we have ur own limitations. Especially one that's called "forgetting". A study says that if we don't revise what we just learned in 24 hours, we will forget 80% of that thing. So that's about memory. Now, about note taking. The advantages are:
  • we can increase memory with writing, we may remember what we wrote easier than what we heard.
  • we can easily revise on what the teacher/lecturer taught, because sometimes, what the teacher has taught in class are not in the text books.
  • we focus more in class, because we want everything important written in our notes.
And those are some of the goodness of taking notes. So be sure to take them!

Yes, I know..this one's cliche'. But it's just so true that I think it should be said! Well, since most already know of this..I'll skip the elaborations. =)

Mind Maps
This is actually part of Take Notes but I'd like to highlight it. Officially designed by Tony Buzan, this little technique here is just so simple and awesome! Why? It helps strengthen memory, it makes our notes more interesting to ourselves, and it is much much simpler to read than normal paragraphic notes. Tony Buzan wrote a whole book just about mind maps and scores of motivational speakers keep pointing out this technique to students in seminars. So, why not??

Keeping A List Of Formulas
This is very essential for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and any subject that has a long line of formulas. Keeping this helps us most during revision. When we do an exercise that requires a certain formula that we forgot, we can easily find it in our list. But what if we don't have a list? We'll have to open up the text book or revision book and search it up..takes TIME! So, take the easiest and fastest way. I myself used this method for PMR and SPM. For SPM Physics and Chemistry, I got the lists from which really helped! So, get a move on! Go make/get your lists!

This is an example..

Seek Help
"When all else fails, we don't!"
I really like that quote from G.I.Joe. But in this case, when all else fails, go get help! Ask someone to teach you. A lecturer/teacher, a friend, a going-to-be-friend...anyone!..that knows the answer to your misery. ^_^

If in any case you find difficulty in a subject, feel free to read an article I already wrote: Steps To Master A Difficult Subject


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