Get Over It....FAST

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Problems. Conflicts. Heart break. Failure. The list goes on and we see it at times, if not often. The big x-factor that makes people different in this matter is the capacity to get over with things disturbing the heart and mind. People say, "It's too hard for me" or "I just can't take it" and even "I can't live anymore" and maybe you can figure what happens next..

Here I'd like to share about a person I know. I found this very interesting about him and I feel that it can be a fair example regarding the matter at hand: Getting over unpleasant things.

This friend of mine (let's call him Exe, due to privacy concerns). Exe had a problem and I could see that clearly from the expression on his face. He seemed depressed. It might have been a study issue..a relationship issue..I couldn't exactly guess. I am not a mind-reader of course. I did try asking him about it but he replied (as many always do), "Nothing." I wouldn't want to disturb him of course, to avoid spilling oil on fire. Nevertheless, I observed him as he went on. I mean, as friend, I was concerned. After a while he went to sleep.

The next morning, I had a little chat with him. I avoided asking him directly about his depression. I assessed his condition in a different manner..and the result: he was back on track or in other words, he was fine again! Cheerful and all. It took him just one night and *poof* it's gone. Well, I have to admit that there is a possibility that he might still be depressed or so. But his actions showed the opposite and I should agree that he was tough enough to handle the pressure and not let his emotions control his actions (in this sense, staying happy and treating others well even though he's still depressed), should he still be sad.

Thus, what can we learn from this? Firstly, get over things fast! Being able to do so is essential. If you continue to be sulky and all for a very long time just because you're sad or depressed, you might cause yourself more harm such as by losing more friends. Furthermore, being able to get over things gives you the opportunity to continue on with your life. As Ralph Waldo Emmerson said,
“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”
Find a way to take it off you such as what Exe did (sleep). Secondly, even if you still feel hurt with whatever you're facing, keep it to yourself. What I'm trying to say is that you should try to be professional. Yeah, that's the word..professional. For instance, when you're angry, don't just blow yourself, or other people, up. Keep your calm and work yourself out. Think of a solution or leave it be (if possible). People will respect you for that! (I know I do.)

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Well, bottomline, if you have an emotional problem or basically feeling down, take some time (but not THAT long) to cool down and work your way back to reality! Time flies goes on..and YOU SHOULD TOO. =D

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