Nuclear Acid Rain From Japan: Check Your Facts!

Today, I received a number of warnings or reminders about a certain acid rain which is said to contain radioactive contaminants from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant explosion. Well, it scared me a bit. I did have contact with rain right before receiving the message. However, me and my usual curiosity made me it really true? How is that possible?

*Before that, I'd like to thank everyone who sent the warning message for your concern! ^^

A friend of mine said the possibility of the phenomenon occuring is very thin as the current monsoon winds (with respect to Malaysia) is towards the east (towards Japan) from Malaysia. Besides that, news said scientists ruled out the possibility of the grave incident (nuclear acid rain) as the contamination level is not high enough (and hopefully it does not rise any higher).

So, a lesson to be learned. Please, check your facts..check the news..and most importantly, check the circulating text messages (and even emails) to make sure if it's a hoax or not. It's a great habit. Besides saving you from unnecessary paranoia, you can ensure that most of the things you know are near true. If you write an essay with false facts, you might catch yourself with a very low essay score. Therefore, check and find out. It's ok to have some curiosity.

Last but not least, let's pray for the safety of the Japanese and others as well. Hope nothing worse happens that can threaten us all.

Here are some links related to the nuclear power plant problem and disaster in Japan:

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