SPM Results Are Coming Out?!

In 2011, the results for the Malaysian Education Certificate (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) is going to be released on the 23rd of March! So WHAT ARE YOU (if you're a SPM 2010 candidate) SUPPOSED TO DO??

Firstly, always ensure a far-enough distance between you and open windows. Avoid contact with any wires, cables, ropes of any kind. Keep away from poison or hazardous materials. Ask someone else to cut the tomatoes for you. And..and..stay alive.haha. Ok, I was joking..but seriously, if you understood what I meant, don't do it, before or after the SPM results. In short, studydoctor would like to say..

GOOD LUCK to all SPM 2010 Candidates!
-hope you get the best results-

Pray hard and don't worry too much. Remeber, SPM is not everything in your's just a part of it..a kind of important one maybe.. XD