Pi Day

Ok, let's make this short. Today (March 14) is Pi Day! Not that delicious pie. The mathematical Pi! Why this day? Because of 3.14 which can be said as March 14. The longer version is 3.14159265 (I memmorized this because of Night at the Museum 2). The actual decimal is longer though and they say it keeps getting longer. Pi is very important because it let's you determine various aspects of circular and spherical shapes. It's mathematically important. If you've studied mathematics and specifically geometry, you should know what I mean. So, here's somthing to commemorate Pi Day..

Oh, for more info on Pi Day, visit this:

Happy Pi Day!!! ^_^


  1. fuyyyooo! simbol pie pun boleh wat laguu. hebatt ouhh.

  2. merapatkn jurang maths & arts XP