When You Complain..

"Many people will never be satisfied and will complain a lot." 
- from a Dean in UNITEN
I strongly agree with that. Nowadays, people complain far too much to the point that they disregard their role to solve problems. Yes, to solve the problem. You see, there's a thin line between solving a problem and just complaining about it. For instance, when a person complains, that person tends to approach the problem emotionally. Simply to say, when one complains to the management for instance, that person might actually scold them rather than asking for a change. Would you like a person scolding you? Especially if you were older than that certain person, I'll wonder a lot if you actually like it..

Unless you're in Angry Birds, that's a different story. :P
In dealing with problems, the rational mind must be put to use. In addition to telling the problem (also known as identifying the problem), one should propose a solution or better yet, a procedure made to counter the problem. Doesn't that sound much more mature? If the leaders or management or any governing people do not listen, than that too is a problem and should also be handled with professionally.

This is related to study. I know that students typically have the habit of complaining such as "Too much homework", "Too many rules", "Too tired" and so on and so forth. On the other hand, students who succeed (and I know plenty of them) usually say things like, "There's not much time, so I have to do them fast", "This is the challenge that we can overcome", "It's cool!"..ok, maybe that last one is kind of weird.
"Work on solutions, not problems"
- Azmi Ahmad, Founder of Ziyanc and Co-Founder of Skali
Besides that, learn to be thankful people. I mean, come on, you're able to browse the internet and somehow arrive to this blog and read this, right? I believe there are many people out there who long to at least have what you have right now. To be able to do what you're doing. To eat what you always get to eat. To sleep as you can. So, don't complain. Be thankful and solve the problem if you do have one.

Isn't he cute? Well..I think it's a he..
In conclusion, when we face a problem in terms of studies, life, university, group or friends, we should face it rationally and professionally. Furthermore, we should make it a habit so that in the future, when some of us become leaders of our companies and countries, we'll do the same..solve problems wisely.
"Don't always complain...or you'll have a boring life." ^_^

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